Manuel Luciano | ML Icon
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Manuel Luciano

The universe of Manuel Luciano encompasses both the Manuel himself and his fashion label. This is where everything happens. The company’s aesthetic and values go in tandem with Manuel’s family heritage in creating clothes. With that, each piece is an expression of Manuel’s desire to bring out the best physical and inner attributes of a woman.

The skull

Manuel’s ideal woman is sexy and audacious. The skull represents a complicated woman who’s not afraid to show her edge. Her fierce spirit drives her sense of adventure. She has the power to do what she wants and takes on challenges with energy and drive, yet she still makes time to have fun in life.

Crystal Lounge

The Crystal Lounge symbolizes the highest quality of craftsmanship that one can afford. Inspired by the exclusive and stylish Crystal Lounge in Paris, Manuel Luciano is a brand that exudes status and luxury. Elegance is always part of Manuel Luciano’s pieces whether it’s in a sweater made of 100% cashmere or
fine leather jacket with hand-stitched embellishments. Manuel Luciano’s Dream Woman is a lady who appreciates the best and experiences life with taste and elegance.

Fleur de lys

The fleur de lys goes back to Giglio, an Italian manufacturing town near Florence. The symbol marks Manuel Luciano’s Italian heritage as well as his commitment to the Italian craftsmanship. The fleur de lys also represents dreams and aspirations, where one looks at the best aspects of the past for guidance and inspiration.