Manuel Luciano | The World of MANUEL LUCIANO
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„I have a deep appreciation for Italian craftsmanship and its long standing fashion tradition. We started with our first jacket made in Florence, Italy and since then, the Manuel Luciano brand has always focused on high quality, innovative designs and well made pieces.“ – Manuel Luciano


At least 40 years of family tradition in women’s clothing goes all the way back to 1963, when Manuel’s grandmother Annelise started a modest-sized shop in Nuremberg, Germany. Renate, Manuel’s mother, built up the business and remains the owner to this day.


High class fashion was the world that Manuel grew up in – a world of magnificent clothing and women who had specific ideas about luxury and fashion – and where he learned to appreciate the transformational power a beautiful piece of clothing could have on a person. Spending summers in his father’s hometown of Milano Marittima, Italy nurtured his Italian roots, which fostered his own fashion aesthetic.