Manuel Luciano | The italian fashion label
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“I have a deep appreciation for Italian craftsmanship and its long standing fashion tradition. We started with our first jacket made in Florence, Italy and since then, the Manuel Luciano brand has always focused on high quality, innovative designs and well made pieces.” – Manuel Luciano

At least 40 years of family tradition in women’s clothing goes all the way back to 1963, when Manuel’s grandmother Annelise started a modest-sized shop in Nuremberg, Germany. Renate, Manuel’s mother, built up the business and remains the owner to this day.

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A special element of her designs are the – always hand drawn – material patterns that are made in Italy expressly for MANUEL LUCIANO.

“Our aesthetic stands for a harmony between masculine, structured designs and feminine, sensual details to reflect the woman who can balance all aspects of her life with power and confidence, like me.”

Julia Victoria Trigli Weidenhiller, 2013


The Beginning of Manuel Luciano Brand
“My goal is to make beautiful clothing to dress the souls of every woman.” – Manuel Luciano

It all began with the design of a special handbag a local festival. At the festival one of the slogans for that year was “Traumfrau” or “Dream Woman.” Manuel, a local at the festivities, wanted to make something exquisite to give to the woman of his dreams. Inspiration was easy to find given his fashion upbringing.

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